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by Brenda Stone of

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Dear New Notary Signing Agent:


If you are a notary who started this business because you wanted to become a loan signing notary, please DO read Chapter 12  entitled "Story of Country Notary."  You will benefit from it if you really do read it and understand how critical it is for you to understand your notary rules and your notary office more than you need certification. 


This is the only the beginning of information I feel is important to know before you get into the notary signing agent business.


Do not read this if you expect to get the absolute truth as it applies to you.


Not one bit of this information has been copied and pasted to this book, except for some of the information which I generated myself at a previous time. In fact, sometimes, during the moments while writing this, I longingly looked at the book on my shelf sold by Kathy Poston of the Signing Registry.  It's a great book, full of signing agent information, and I have been careful not to look at it for over a year and a half...that is, I know I have not looked at it since I decided to start writing a free book myself.  I did not want to subconsciously snatch some of Kathy's content to become my own.  I wrote this book off the top of my head.  I intend to add to it as I think of pointers you may be able to use.


Here's the thing about this business...

Anytime you begin a business, you must make your own "truth" become reality. This Free How-to Start Notary Signing Agent Book  is from my own experience and ideas. This is not fact. This is drawn from my truth. You'll have to make your own "truth" happen.


Actually, part of my "truth" is writing this Notary Signing Agent Book.  The main reasons I am writing this notary signing agent manual is because...well...I fancy myself a writer.  Not that I am, but in my mind I have decided this is what I will be and I am making it happen. 


Also, I write a good bit of information in article form because it generates what is called "content." Google loves good content.


By generating a book online, I can use this book to help myself be found online, and to be a tool I reference to would-be notary signing agents.

  • I get many calls from notaries requesting that I help them get started in this business. I cannot do that, but I can make a few notes here for you to read.

Also, I can use this as a tool, or a testament, if you will, to the fact that I do actually know what I am doing in the realm of my job as a notary signing agent. Becoming expert enough to write about what you do is a way to validate the fees that you charge.  It may not agree with the philosophy of some that read it, but that I do know what I am doing, that I do understand the business, and that I look at my business as a business is all right here.




Now, the question of the day is:  "Can YOU Make Money as a Notary Signing Agent?"


This is a question you will need to answer for yourself.

How can you figure this out? Well, first you must go do a little research.


You have questions to answer before you jump into the business and get started.


Hopefully, this free book, will give you fodder for your thought processes. 



Before you go any further, I must make note of these things - this is my disclaimer.  I will not take responsibility for your decisions!  Remember:

(1) I am not an attorney in any state.
(2) I have not even finished college.
(3) I am a Texas Notary Public.
(4) Read this as if it is fiction, because you just never know. It might be!


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