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Chapter 2

Do you have the time to do the jobs when you are assigned to them?


My comments in this book are realistic. This may not be what you want to hear, but in order to do enough in this business to pay for your investment, I believe you are going to need to be willing to dedicate an incredible amount of time to this business.

For instance, an assignment is seldom a zip in, zip out proposition.   Let's say the job takes 45 minutes to an hour once you are there.  Add these minutes up to the total time.


  • You take the call/note on calendar. (5 minutes)

  • Watch for the confirmation which must state your correct fee, and, if it does not, you must follow up. (Repeated glances at your email.) (10 minutes)

  • Call the borrower. Listen to them give you instruction in spite of the fact you request they do not give them to you over the phone. (5 minutes)

  • Chasing documents. print them, quickly review them, go to the appointment, drive time must be considered. (Generally 1/2 hour to the appointment, 1/2 hour home.)

  • Reviewing the documents for perfectly completed notarizations. (15 minutes)

  • Faxing back documents which must be checked before dropping package. (10 - 45 minutes)

  • Dropping off documents drive time. (10 - 30 minutes)

  • You will need time to market and fill out many, many applications to signing services to get started.

  • There will be a good deal of time needed to wait on edocs. Sometimes you'll be calling more than once to ask where the documents are.

In other words, once you get hired for a job, that job will take you approximately three (3) hours to four (4) hours start to finish.  Do not be "bluffed" into believing you are putting forth only one (1) hour at the appointment. 


You should spend one to two hours per day marketing yourself.


Availability and having the time to do this is key.

You must have your cell phone

with you at all times.








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