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Chapter 11


Mentoring, Sample Documents & Resources


If you want to download a free package of loan documents, you can do so here:


I am not soliciting mentoring here.  I have never charged a fee.  However, I can no longer put forth time to assist folks without being paid for my time.  My time is my income generator.  If you cannot feel confident after doing your own research, I will assist you.  But, I do charge a fee now.


I can also recommend other individuals who charge if you do not want to visit with me.


I will go over how to introduce these documents with you for $50 per telephone hour.  We can talk about anything you care to talk about for $50 per telephone hour. 


If you want me to help you with your business, review your marketing products or otherwise, please email me at


I charge $50.00 per telephone hour.  $100 if we meet face to face, plus $1.50 per mile I travel (to and from) to meet with you.  In other words, $3.00 per one way mile.  I will make an appointment with you and find out what else I can teach you other than what is in this book.  You can pay me with before the appointment.


I sell lists of contacts in California, a how-to reverse mortgage book, and a few other products you may be interested in. 


If you choose to hire me for $50.00 telephone hour I will gladly send these items to you.



If you choose to hire me, please mail me a list of your most

important concerns ahead of time.  It will cut back on the time

we spend on each concern considerably.




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